Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gold you can afford...

Gold is the little black dress for woman!

As we know, not all can wear a little black dress, in fact, few women can wear it - I can not, I look like a "small" black potato sack. LOL
Even the gold - we love it, but not everyone has the ability to purchase gold jewelry, and not because of age, not because we put on weight, just because the price of gold doubled this year and is a very high price.
Most of us want a gold jewelry, it sparkles, it's luxurious and fashionable.
Women ask me if there are alternatives  - nickel free - and which will not cause allergies.
So I have a wonderful solution for you :

14K Gold filled

14K gold filled:

Gold filled is a hollow tube of 14K gold that is filled with another metal. The exterior of the gold filled jewelry is solid karated gold and everything you can see or touch is a solid layer of karated gold.
This tube of karated gold is approximately 100 times thicker than gold plate. It is made by bonding with heat and pressure - with normal wear and tear the karated gold will never tarnish, chip or wear off.
By law this layer of karated gold has to be at least 1/20 of the total weight of the metal portion of the piece of jewelry.
In the USA this process is referred to as ‘gold filled’. In Europe the same process will be called ‘rolled gold’. Both terms are synonymous with each other. 
Many jewelry purchasers outside the jewelry trade mistakenly think 'gold filled' is the same as 'gold-plate' - NO!!!  'Gold filled is a much higher quality product.
I love this great material,  It's cheaper than gold and more expensive than  sterling silver, I am very pleased with it,  and  you  get value for money and quality jewellery.  great !!!

This is my solution for the little "black dress"♥

You can read more here:

You can enjoy some of  my 14k gold filled jewelry:


How to Clean Gold Filled Jewelry:
Salt water and chlorine in swimming pools will all take their toll on all gold filled jewelry. Be sure to wipe your jewelry carefully with a soft polishing cloth regularly to keep it clean of these elements which oxidizes. 

I hope I answered some of the questions I was asked, if you have another question - I will be happy to answer.

Have a wonderful week

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Berlin ... Here we come

Hello my dear friends

Finally, after 10 months, I will meet my sons, who live in Berlin.
Michael and Amit, my sons, both musicians, moved to Berlin, they play in different music ensembles, and loving every minute.
I'm happy they're happy, but miss them very much.

Amit                             Michael

So excited! I heard so many wonderful stories about this beautiful city, and if I did not do it until today, so I'll do the next few days.
In the past we have taken them on trips, today, It turned over, we go following the children, so I came first time to Barcelona, when my youngest son lives there.
And Now - Berlin.
Suitcase already packed.    lol

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Between May 11 - 20 I am on VACATION
My shop will remain open and all purchases will be sent on Sunday May 22 !!!
During this time, you can use the coupon code: VACATION  
to receive a 20% discount! 
My apologies for the inconvenience and late delivery.

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