Saturday, June 11, 2011

GIVEAWAY - inspired by the graffiti

Hi dear friends

So, as I told already, I was in Berlin for the first time in my life, I went to visit my sons who live there now, playing and making music.
Berlin, is unlike any other city I visited in Europe, Paris, Rome, Barcelona and London.
There was something else, an enigma.
Berlin is a young, dynamic and colorful city.
Each house painted a different color, many shops of young designers  and lots of graffiti !!!!!!!
We, my husband and I walked and walked , I could not take my eyes of the colorful people, houses, wonderful gardens - and especially the Graffiti.
 I was fascinated, there's something very dynamic, stimulates creativity, wonderful, so I loved it!
As one who loves color, I just could get inspiration from what I saw.
I made 5 pairs of earrings in my style, inspired by the graffiti.

One pair of earrings - can be yours!! ( 46$ Value)





All you have to do is select your favorite earrings - one!!  

Leave a comment with the number at the bottom of the photo

Sunday, 19 June 2011, I Will post on my blog, who is the winner!
The winner will receive her favorite chosen earring and the rest of my earrings will be posted in my shop.

These decorated  earrings are made of Israeli, high quality sterling silver bezel set and resin in different colors shades the earrings decorated with silver dots.
In the middle of the earring there is an  Swarovski Crystal.
Measurements: length -28- 29mm (1.10-1.12")

diameter - 15.5mm(0.6")
You can see the size here:

 ♥ Thank 
you for participating in this giveaway! 
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You can see more of my earrings here.
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Have a wonderful week


  1. I love them all Sigalit.. but #2 is my absolute fav! Love the color combo on that one! Beautiful pics.. thanks for this generous opportunity for us!!

  2. They are all beautiful!!....I like #1. Love the rich blue tone.

  3. i love them all-lol. #5 i love for it's simplicity and the way the red, yet subtle, draws the eye. very versatile. the blog was very interesting, i am glad you had a wonderful time visiting your son and taking in a completely unique cultural experience there. xoxoxo
    carolyn :)

  4. i loooooove no. 4 (and all the rest :)
    and I didn't know about your blog, i'm going to check it out now :) have a great Sunday!

  5. I love them all but #2 is my favorite !! Thanks for a great giveaway and sharing your wonderful photos from your trip :)

  6. So glad you enjoyed your trip. I spent a summer Bavaria, Austria, and Switzerland many moons ago. Gave me a lot of perspective.

    Love #1. But of course, they're all pretty.

  7. Thanks for inviting me to your giveaway, Sigalit. It was a hard decision, but I choose #1. I visited Berlin for the first time in 2007, and fell in love with the city. It is so young, vibrant and exciting!

  8. Orange and turquoise - the best combo ever!!!! #2 of course!!! Great inspiration!!!
    xxx Sari

  9. They are all so beautiful Sigalit !!!
    Love #2 orange and turquoise.

  10. Oh wow... I don't know what number to pick... I love love love each and every one of them!
    I had a hard time making up my mind... but then decided to pick #3 as no one else seemed to have picked them :)

    Cheers, Eva

  11. I love your inspirations! What a beautiful way to be inspired! So glad you enjoyed your visit, and so happy for the opportunity to be able to enjoy your fabulous talent!!! A true artisan is always inspired with colors, textures, shapes and sizes all of the different mediums available. We have a unique vision in each of us. I love all 4 of these beauties! Thank you so much for sharing your visions and talent :)

  12. they are all pretty!!!! but my fave is #1

  13. I love number 5 - they are the ones that jumped out at me. Lovely photos and jewelry work. Being of german descent it was nice to see photos of my ancestors land. Thank you for this generous giveaway.

  14. Beautiful idea Sigalit! Loved that you put the original inspiration next to your creative interpretation of it, lovely!
    My favorite is #2

  15. Hi girls, I thank you for took part in this giveaway xoxo

  16. Sigalit--waving hello from the island of Oahu in Hawaii! Berlin sounds like a wonderful place to visit--your sons choose good destinations! .... Well, it is VERY hard to choose my favorite earrings because I love all of your work (I took your earrings and necklace on this trip) but my favorites are number 1 and 2; with number 1 my absolute fave. Thanks for inviting me to your giveaway-lovely idea

  17. Wonderful idea!
    Beautiful photos and earrings too...tough choice!!
    My favorite is n.1

  18. Thanks dear Robin, enjoy your vacation, wonderful place for vacation! xoxo

  19. Thank you for inviting me to this event. Your interpretation of your inspiration is wonderful. The connection to your experience is very profound. It was hard to choose which pair of earring to deem my favorite. Since I had to choose I chose #1.

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  21. This is so great !!!

    Love the colors and love your all your creations!!

    My favorite is #4


  22. I can see why you were drown to the graffiti, they are amazing, and your earrings
    so hard to choose but i think #5 is my favorit
    Thanks Yael

  23. # 2 is my favorite but it is very hard to choose! They are all gorgeous ... such vibrant colors and creative designs :)


  24. Great earrings!! :)
    My favorite is number 4!
    You are so talented!!! :-)

  25. I Love the clean, simple, adorable designs!
    I think all of them are great, it’s hard to choose...But my favorite is #4 !


  26. Thanks a lot, Sigalit, for the perfect giveaway!!!!!
    Good luck to everybody!
    I like earrings number 5!

  27. I'm in love with graffiti for a many years too.
    My choose is pair No.3. Great earrings!
    Good luck to all!

  28. Excellent giveaway! I really like all the earrings but I would definitely go for No 5! Thank you!

  29. what a great inspiration!
    I too was facinated by Berlin's graffiti (and have plentty of photos :-))
    I especially apreciate your interpetation from the graffiti to your own unique style
    I love all the jewllery you make in general, and all the earings you present here as well, but if I have to choose a favorite - I choose #2
    thank you and good luck

  30. Hi Sigalit, I love reading your blog posts and I especially enjoyed the last one. What a wonderful inspiration you had!
    I love all the earrings but the real winner for me is #5. They are simple yet sophisticated and very unique. :)

  31. I like them all... They are so sparkling and different.
    Colourwise, no. 4 is my favorite...
    Thank you Sarah for putting this link on Facebook!

  32. The color inspiration is phenomenal!!! I also love them all, but I think #5 has my colors :D

  33. Jackie Waik-AtiyaJune 13, 2011 at 8:03 AM

    I love them all but #2 is definatly my favourite !

  34. I was directed here by Sarah Hornik. What an amazing set of jewellery. I love to see what inspires other artists. Thank you for sharing.
    I would choose earrings no 4 both for their colours and because that graffiti is my favourite of the set too.

  35. Hi Sigalit, just subscribed to your newsletter.
    Your work is beautiful! it's hard to choose...though my favorite is no 4.

  36. Thanks girls. and thanks my dear Sarah:)

  37. great work
    I love No 5
    etty topaz

  38. Hard to choose!

    I love no. 2 the most... vibrant and full of life...

    Sharon Serebro

  39. Hi Sigalit :)) Thank you!! for the giveaway!!!
    I love all these earrings but most especially number 2. I love the color orange!!!

  40. I think it is a wonderful interpretation of what you saw around you! I really like them all, but I think personally, for own limited wardrobe that #4 would be best for me lol :)

  41. Wonderful Wonderful work!!! I love them all!! If I have to choose #4 would be best for me :)
    Thank you so much! :))
    I would love you to come visit me @ BeDazzled Jewelry! :)

  42. They're all so beautiful, it's hard to choose! But I think I'm most in love with #3 - the colors are so vibrant and it's such a unique combination.

  43. Number 3! The colors just POP! All of them are beautiful, but #3 stand out for me <3

  44. Hi I like the number 2 and also the 2 but I will say the 3.
    It's so interesting how you got inspired by the colors of the graffitis!

  45. I love number 3 ! actually I love them all and what an awesome blog this is with the pics and the earrings inspired by them !!
    Carolyn from CCC group

  46. I like the green and blue in #4 - they make me think of leaves and water.

    i'm Peg on FB and Murrday on LJ.

  47. They are all so pretty. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a pair. My daughter would love to visit Germany some day, I may go with her. I like #1, I just love the blue and the graffiti that inspired it is cool.

  48. I love them all, but #1 is definitely at the top of my list! I only recently found your shop and ordered from you. Have to say Im sooooo thrilled with my earrings and beads. You are so amazing. I too, love the graffiti and bod colors. Best of luck and continued success to you.

  49. I like the earring nr.5. I follow your blog and shared this on my twitter and FB wall. Thanks
    Greetings from Slovakia. Lubica

  50. Beautiful, I love every pair. Thank you for the photo.

  51. Love your jewelry!
    I especialy love number 5, it reminds me the russian constructivism movemevt. So beautiful!

  52. Lovely inspirations, Sigalit! #2 orange :)
    Sheree Cooke(Rock Me Gently Jewelry)

  53. Very cool earrings! #1 has my colors! Elaine Gill

  54. They are all very nice. For what I wear, I like #1 the best. Thanks for the contest.


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