Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Italy - my inspiration for the Fall 2011 collection

Hi dear friends

A long time since I've shared with you my inspiration...

I had a busy summer, a great vacation in Italy and Germany with my sons.
I came to Italy, Tuscany, from the hot summer days in Israel, to the wonderful autumn - beautiful Tuscany!

Two weeks in Tuscany  and the last one in the Gulf of Amalfi, a spectacular landscape!

The great panorama, blooming, blue sky and sea, smell and food made me very happy. 
All the flowers  were so fresh, and made me creative, (I never managed to plant growth so pretty) lol
I rested, read and traveled, And I just felt like Alice in Wonderland - so different from the Israeli landscape where I live.

Share with you some moments of inspiration ...

Pink flower

Gold leaf

Purple flower

Light green filigree circle

White flower...soon

 Sliced of black Onyx ...soon

The weather was wonderful, we celebrated 31 years of marriage, great!! We did it!! 
It was like a second honeymoon, (the first did not exist,  because we were busy, I was busy with my studies) lol

All photos I shot on vacation, They inspired my new collection.

Enjoy the fall and the beauty of nature

Like any loving mother, I must share with you my sons too:

Amit & Michael

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Sigalit Alcalai 

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  1. A wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your inspiration (...and your family)!

  2. Great work! I miss my Italy...thank you for sharing your beautuiful pictures with us.


  3. מקסים מקסים! נהנתי לקרוא ולראות את התמונות וההשראה. את כותבת ממש יפה ומשעשע בקיצור, אהבתי!

  4. תודה סיגל, כייף לשמוע ולקבל תגובות , חג שמח

  5. What a great post! I love the pics that inspire your designs. Tell me where you were in Tuscany--it looks fantastic!

  6. Dear Robin,
    We lived in a villa on the edge of the mountain near Sarteano -
    Amazing place!

  7. What a great read Sigalit!!! Loving the great view and wonderful pictures....I can see why you was inspired!

  8. Thanks for sharing a slice of your life and the story behind your beautiful creations!

  9. Lovely post! I like your writing and pictures!
    It's so beautiful there and I can understand how you were inspired by all this beauty.

  10. Sooooo beautiful and inspiring :) !!

  11. Thank you for sharing this, the photos are breathtaking and your ability to take that and create it into a piece of jewelry that rivals its beauty is a gift. i love everything!! mazel tov on your anniversary and love seeing your sons again.
    love you xoxoxo
    carolyn :)

  12. Sooo beautiful and inspiring :) !!! Love the pictures, You are beautiful, dear, and your work too :)

  13. beautiful jewelry, and it is so neat to see your inspirations!

  14. Wow what a wonderful trip! The inspirations with the jewelry creations are beautiful. Nice way to tell your story.

  15. Thanks you Ladies
    I really appreciate your comments :)

  16. So in love of this! do you wanna follow each other?:X

  17. I love how you show your inspiration with your jewelry!

    Thanks for posting on my blog and enjoying my Beach Girl with Polka Dots painting!


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